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The Working Ranch Cowboy's Association is dedicated to the preservation of our ranching heratige and assisting the cowboy and their families in times of crisis. Ranch Cowboy Events proudly endorses the WRCA's goals. For more information contact the WRCA. In 1994 the Working Ranch Cowboy’s Association (WRCA) was created to return to those roots and focus on the cowboys, their families and the ranches they worked for to make sure the country did not lose sight of the important contributions to our country and our economy that the ranching industry and cowboys have made.

A few years after the WRCA was created the Working Ranch Cowboys Foundation (WRCF) became the charity and benefits organization that serves cowboys and their families in times of need. Through their scholarship programs the Foundation and the Association have contributed over $500,000 to assist with the cowboy’s children education.

                           RANCH RODEO 
             "THE ORIGINAL RODEO"

 Ranch Rodeo is an event that was re-created a number of years ago to return to the roots of rodeo when the first event was established in 1882. The event widely hailed as the first rodeo was held in North Platte, Nebraska and was produced by William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill). Buffalo Bill incorporated trick riding and a number of other entertaining additions to the rodeo.

The competition was about the ranches and who could be awarded the prize of being the best ranch in the rodeo. Ranch-versus-ranch contests gradually sprang up, and events were created that simulated what the ranch cowboys did for work each day on the ranch.

These rodeos were a gathering of ranch families and became a social function that was not only a competition but a time of visiting with each other and sharing their lives. As time went on rodeo evolved and became a showcase of each individual cowboy rather than the team concept or ranch-verses ranch competitions that were originally held. Modern day Ranch Rodeo is a return to those times of sharing and friendly competition.


In today’s fast paced environment it is rare that one can go to a sporting event of any kind and see and feel the camaraderie and the friendliness that we feel at ranch rodeo.


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